Part 1.   ““Viva Cuba ! -- The Story of  Cuba “

This episode will act as an introduction and an overview of the Island 
and the country of Cuba revealing its unique people and culture.  
Viewers will find a beautiful people and place amidst a profound history- 
made up of an eternity of struggles and fighting for survival to keep its 
wealth, cultural and religious identities. The program will briefly 
detail all the subjects to be covered in the remainder of the series with 
an exciting visual and music treatment, a tease of the real Cuba.

Part 2.   “Viva Cuba ! -- The People and their Roots”

This episode explains the heritage and ethnic background of the diverse 
groups that make up the Cuban people while revealing their different 
ways of living, from the upper class to those who are poor with few 
possessions or destitute.  This program will introduce viewers to a cross 
section of the Cuban people, from the 105 year old woman to the teenagers 
holding x games for TV of extreme sports and to all those in-between.  
In-depth interviews and video captured of Cubans at home, work and play 
reveal the story of this subject and its place in history.  

Part 3.   “Viva Cuba ! -- Religions and Festivities “

Viewers will witness and meet many Cubans and feel their religions from 
the Santeria religious ceremonies, to an oracle who reads the future 
with cards, to a Catholic priest. We will go up-close in offerings to 
Jamaya , the Goddess of the Sea.  This episode will explain the history of 
Cuba’s religions and today’s activities with a look at Afro Cuban, 
Catholic, Greek, Jewish and other religions. Some have struggled to exist 
in the communist country.

Part 4 & 5.       “Viva Cuba ! -- Art and Artist “

Meet artist and hear all their stories, from struggles to being self 
taught to winning awards. Viewers will see artist at work and the see art 
evolve before your eyes, hear the pain going on the canvas, feel the 
dance steps, see sculptures in wood, ceramic and mixed medium to painting 
of all kinds. View work from renaissance themed to the obscure and 
surreal, to impressionists and giant muralists. Take a trip into the state 
of vivid imagination through Cuban painting and art objects. We 
discovered dimensional art and new methods and applications of creating art, 
some using recycled materials as art. Follow the Cuban art movement 
throughout history from the Indians to the Spanish to Afro Cuban to modern 
day impressionists and muralist. Subjects of art for these episodes 
range from nature to the obscure, to Galleries and art showing reminiscent 
of New York.

Part 5 & 6.      “Viva Cuba ! -- Music and Musicians “ 

These episodes follow Cuban music throughout history and introduces top 
bands of today found across the country, from heavy metal to folk to 
traditional to Afro Cuban to Rhumba to Island and to Rap, in English and 
Spanish. Discover the state of the industry today; go behind the scenes 
at concerts, music video shoots, rehearsals and see the lifestyles of 
Cuban music heroes and the wanna-be’s. Meet street musicians, 
self-taught musicians and accomplished musicians and composers. Write a 
song on the spot with a street bongo player/composer and feel the 
dedicated musicians struggle to earn a living, or while seeking fame in 
Cuban history. The variety of musicians, groups and bands has grown 
considerably with tourism, as has Cuban society’s demands for music 
entertainment, everyone wants technology for music listening.. Cubans consume 
music in considerable amounts and use it like a drug and there are coveted 
annual awards for music videos and bands.

Part 7 & 8    “Viva Cuba- History of Cuba”  & “Stories of an American 

These episodes span the history of the Island starting with the three 3 
groups of Indians and meeting today’s Tiano descendants who still live 
the simple life seemingly  unaffected by society’s development.  
Viewers will learn about the many wars and revolutions thru the years 
including Spanish, Indian , English , American capitalist and  the US 
government, all in common in their fighting for control and access to Cuba’s 
riches, safe harbors, fertile land and labor.  Witness an island with 
living history and a past etched in time, in memories, in structures still 
standing and in stone or in monuments.   Viewers will meet Cuban 
government historians, free lance street historians, family historians, 
academics, hobbiests and middle of the road citizens all telling their 
stories of history or their families existence.   Meet outspoken Cubans to 
those of academics, to Internationally traveling speakers. Hear stories 
about the revolution like it was yesterday. Meet the rebels of the 
revolution , including an American who made history in Cuba.  The photo and 
film archives from both Cuba and the U.S. will be used in these 

Part 8     “Viva Cuba ! – Sports and Games“

There are a myriad of sporting activities and games or competitions 
covered in this episode including Olympic training in swimming, cycling 
and track and field. Other activities and sports captured include: 
baseball, yoga, mountain climbing, skateboarding, BMX, karate, baseball , 
cock fighting, windsurfing, surfing, canoeing, water-skiing, sport 
fishing, spear-fishing, cave diving, cave hiking,  kite-surfing, street 
cycling and competitive dancing. The turnout and life evolving around any 
sporting activities, national games, to neighborhood competitions is huge 
and far reaching.  Betting exists in many areas and whole new sports 
are popping up on the island as is with tourism.  The best part of Cuban 
sports and any outdoor physical activity is seeing the Cuban's drive 
and desire to excel in it.

Part 9    “Viva Cuba ! -- Lifestyles and Professions”

This episode explores the various lifestyles and professions found 
across the Island from big cities to the country areas to the sea, reveling 
contrasts in the old with the new from the tourism industry.  Hard 
times has spawned many bootleg entrenupers . Find the explosion of growing 
opportunities of modern day Cuba with the tourism industry, 
construction and foreign trade.  This episode shows the many differing types of 
living and working to exist throughout the various geographic regions of 
Cuba. There are still cowboys to be found and rodeos, farmers of all 
types, independent farmers and the new bootleg businessmen making a 
living however they can that has sprouted up everywhere.  The opening of 
society has also brought about many new lifestyles in Cuba including gay, 
other religions, new sports and new music. 

Part 10     “Viva Cuba ! -- Travel and Transportation” 

The country offers diverse opportunity for modes of transportation and 
includes many innovations and mechanical devices, with and without 
combustion engines. The need to get around the huge areas of Cuba ,with its 
many differing geographic regions brings about many modes of travel.  
Bicycles range in many shapes and design for passengers or loads.  
Viewers will understand all the ways to travel in Cuba, as a local, or as a 
tourist and experience it in up-close in action photography. There are 
buses, from private, state tourist class, normal bus lines, to the half 
penny “Camel”  bus lines. Meet collectors of vintage and sports cars to 
the thousands of old American car owners in Cuba.  This episode is 
comical due to the nature of the Cuban spirit and their determination, 
which is often times funny for how they move around in their lives.  Scenes 
include beautiful photography of all types of cars and vehicles with 
interviews of the owners. 

Part 11    “Viva Cuba !  & The Gulf Stream Challenge”

 This episode follows three years of expeditions by American athletes 
and their four person teams in a quest of their lifetime to capture a 
record and to paddle from Cuba to Florida on an oversized surfboard, 
using only their hands, a distance of 112 miles. They travel to the Island 
invited by Marina Hemingway for cultural exchange and to capture two 
world records in paddleboarding.  A exciting behind the scenes look at 
the teams, their training and determination needed to endure this event. 
Includes action stories of weather and storms at sea, to the Cuban 
Santeria religious ceremony asking permission to cross the ocean.  Program 
follows the teams around Cuba while exploring the culture and 
lifestyles. It’s a story of exciting travel and sports endurance to cross the 
open ocean resulting in pain, success and fond memories. 

Part 12   “Viva Cuba ! -- Geography and the Great Outdoors

Viewers will travel to all sides of the Island and learn about the 
diverse nature and geography, from the land features to the seas. The 
program explores the rivers, waterfalls, lakes, caves, mountains and reefs 
and beaches that make up an Island with seven UNESCO World Parks and 
Nature preserves, one being the most diverse ecosystems found on an island 
on the planet Earth. Learn about the Cuban drive to keep a clean and 
protected environment, the growth of Eco-tourism and future goals of the 
Cuban government and it citizens. Scuba dive to the fantastic reefs and 
travel to the best of Cuba’s 3600 miles of coastline.  Photography will 
get up-close and intimate with the plants and animal species of the 

Part 13  “Viva Cuba ! -- Today’s Cuba, Travel and the Making of  the 
film !”

This episode updates viewers to the situation in Cuba today. It will be 
edited from interviews of Cuban and American government officials and 
organizations and people who are involved with the country and people of 
Cuba and its government, on subjects from tourism to 
importing/exporting and cultural exchange.   This episode will offer valuable information 
for those who want to travel to Cuba and explain the problems (and 
preventions) that one would encounter while visiting and touring the Island 
nation. Viewers will hear how the producers captured the footage, 
traveling for 5 years in and out of a communist country with camera 
equipment, going undetected and without permits.   It finishes with a look at 
the possible future presenting itself for Cuba. This final episode 
presents a upbeat visual trip thru Cuban society and culture, showing the 
dedicated, intelligent, friendly, warm spirited and gracious people, with 
a truly one-of-a-kind country. 

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