"INNER CHALLENGE"  -  An Independant  HD Production

Breaking new ground. Discovering yourself. Conquering fear. Setting a standard for  the extreme sports world and reality TV production. This season "Gulf Stream Challenge" sets sail for Cuba. Hurricanes, shark infested waters, giant waves, severe heat, darkness,  all alone in the middle of the ocean on a board are just some of the fears that our brave contestants will face as they attempt to cross the western part of the Devil's Triangle. Not by boat, nor raft, but powered by their spirit, determination and their perseverance to succeed. 

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This event is one of many new challenges taking place today as individuals or organized teams seek to push their experiences, abilities and existance either physical, spiritual or emotional. Examining the many people behind  these challenges, seeing their stories and accomplishments is what 'INNER  CHALLENGE" is all about.



For the first time ever documented two teams of paddleboarders, a four-man, and a four-woman team will attempt  to set a world record by paddling from the coast line of communist Cuba to Fort Zachary in Key West, Florida.   They will paddle 112 miles in Open Ocean throughout day and night until they reach the shore of the U.S. 
Two camera crews on-board two chase/support vessels will capture every important minuet of the expedition  using state-of-the-art SONY 900 HDTV cameras and 16mm film in the water. The planned production will be edited  into numerous TV programs including:


 *  2-hour HDTV special for the new series  "INNER CHALLENGE" airing soon and down converted for re-broadcast on regular TV      for programs such as, DISCOVER, TRAVEL, ESPN, etc.



A program revealing water sports cinematography, utilizing libraries of 16mm films from 20 years of shooting  around the world. Includes spectacular water based cinematography of windsurfing, surfing, motor-boating  water-sports, waterskiing, ski-jumping, wakeboarding, kiteboarding and more.  Includes trips to: Hawaii ( big surf),  Brazil, Peru, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica,  France, Spain, South Africa, Bahamas, Barbados, Florida, California, Mexico,  Cape Hatteras and more.. Includes surfing in rivers, behind boats and in unusual conditions, HUGE surf,  hurricanes, etc. Viewers will get to go behind the scenes of the photography, the equipment and the people who  capture the footage.. Spectacular action and slow motion views of ocean scenes. 

Features interviews and lifestyles of the top competitors from the U.S.  Gives viewers a complete look at the sport  of free-diving and spear-fishing. Shot in California , Florida, Bahams and Africa. Featuring segments on shooting  record size fish, the equipment ( custom built guns) , techniques, deep-water wreck dives, organized competitions  and destinations. Action packed with spectacular photgraphy.

Follows two documentary photographers around to 300 fresh water springs found in central and North Florida  (world famous destinations) . Includes incredible stories about geography  history of the springs, local folk lore,  archeology, search for the fountain of youth, state parks, cave diving into the aquifers, manatee zone dives, and  the famous spring fed rivers of Florida. Includes interviews and stories with professionals and academics who  work in research, water management and wildlife. This project has been developed with over 10 years of research  completed. It was shot in stills and appeared in National Geographic magazine. 

Destination Diving/ Bonefishing/Adventure Exploration via private diving vessel from Ft. Lauderdale. 


Features all the destination diving locations of Nassau and Freeport including the famous shark feeding dives, the  dolphin encounters, manta ray encounters. Includes a look at the industry of free-diving for lobster on "Long  Island, Bahamas" an out-island south of Nassau. Features the 100 foot  free-diving Bahamians who gather  thousands of lobster and spear fish everyday. Includes visiting the most unique u/w features in the Bahamas,  some never before filmed for TV.
Big Impact Films, Inc.has launched the All Pro Media Group,  a team of professions for projects of any size and complexity. We offer a wide range of services from script to screen, including HDTV Productions, Commercials/Infomercials, Documentaries, Weddings, Feature Films, Corporate & Marketing Videos, Sports & Underwater Films, Event Photography or Concerts.

We achieve high quality productions, helping your company plan and create all types of marketing tools from Internet, Viral Videos - to Award Winning Television productions.

We also offer full Graphics Production including 3D, Still and Motion graphics, Website banner ads  and Graphics for Print (Corporate logo design, posters, business cards, brouchers, flyers, greeting cards, newsletters, DVD & CD covers).

BIG IMPACT FILMS, Inc. the production division of Paul Prewitt Films and was started in 2002 with the increasing demand Prewitt received for Standard def TV and HDTV productions. 

He worked the previous 20 years as a freelance photographer, cinematographer and videographer for some of the world’s best producers and directors and is acclaimed for his talents behind the camera and for his spectacular “underwater photography”.  Prewitts work has been nominated numerous times for Emmys and has received many other awards.  His photography has graced many 16MM films and TV productions since he began his photography career in 1976.    (See more: Clients Page)

He started the company which has been producing independent programming such as “Inner Challenge”,   Viva Cuba”,  “Viva Cuba and the Gulf Stream Challenge” and other projects. (See more: Documentaries page)    

BIG IMPACT FILMS, Inc has grown to include teams of professionals and associates from California's Brian Lockwood and BIG VISION to Florida's Thurgaland Marketing & Consulting who together can handle any size project with equipment and crews for SD or HDTV. (SONY cameras exclusively).   

BIG IMPACT FILMS has two edit suites, (Mac, Final Cut Pro HD and PC Adobe) and a team of editors.  No production is to big or complex for BIG IMPACT FILMS, INC.


A program just on wreck-diving ( with some spearfishing) and archeology, featuring the Bahamas " St. Johns  Expedition", a project digging up 8 wrecks dated to 1500's most in 20 feet of water or less on the shelves of the  islands of Bahamas. Deep-diving Florida wrecks some up to 450 feet deep and including all recreational wreck  dives of South Florida..


Shows yet to come:

Belieze & Mexico Travel Adventures, Sport-fishing in The Caribbean

Shows the best national parks and reefs to be found in Cuba. Shot via private diving 
vessel with deep diving wall dives and wrecks. Feaures a look at the local fishing industry, lobstering,  spear-fishing, black coral diving. Includes some travel via land around Cuba and stories on local culture  surrounding the sea and coastline.



Complete look at the sport utilizing footage captured from all previous programs. Includes segments on history of  the sport, recreational diving, wreck diving, archeology, u/w photography, occupations, destinations, shark  feedings, deep-water "Technical" diving, Mixed Gas diving, Cave Diving, etc. Shot in Bahamas, Central and South  Florida, Keys, Cuba, Channel Islands, Mexico and Belieze. 
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